How Cartoons Are a Great Way To Teach Students?

Every now and then, we see innovative methods being used to teach children. We are using education technology more and more to find better solutions for teaching students. More teachers are now focusing on depicting cartoons to help teach a concept to young students. It is not that effective when it comes to college students, but an absolute gem of a method when it comes to teaching children of a younger age. There are many ways a cartoon is much more helpful when keeping the children interested in a concept:

Cartoons Are a Great Way To Teach Students

Captivating The Children

Cartoons help to keep the children interested in class. Students respond better to visual stimulation rather than textual ones. We all know how children love those comic books and cartoon shows. It only makes sense that they are much more interested when the teacher uses cartoons to explain a concept to children.

Be it students of any age, they get disinterested when the teacher is speaking in a monotone and serious voice to teach students. You find that it is much better when the teacher is all smiling and cracking jokes to keep the students interested. It is the same with young children, they respond better when they connect with the teacher or when the teacher uses a method that he/she knows the students will like.

Clarifying the Concepts

We find that many schools books now has a few sections dedicated to cartoon strips. These cartoons strips are added to help students understand concepts that are much harder to grasp when going through the text. There are even supplemental comic books published on various concepts. It helps make a student understand what the subject entails. For example, a comic strip might show two students talking about a certain chemical experiment, one telling the other one about the do’s-and’ don’ts of going about it. Teachers use this method to teach students about different concepts. Some educational institutes try to create awareness about social issues using this format too.  

There are even student help websites like OnlineAssignmentWriting which help students understand a concept by providing comic strips on different concepts.

Teaching Them Words

Comics go a long way to help children learn new words. If you were ever a comic book fan, you would know how you learned a new word while reading a comic. There is a reason why words get stuck in our head while reading a comic, at the same time we are not unable to grasp a new word while going through plain text. As children, we are deeply engrossed in what is happening in the comic book. It captivates us as children and we concentrate on each word that is written.  This helps us use the words in our everyday vocabulary. It does help us be better writers; when you like to read interesting comic content, you would also like to write interestingly. Tim from EssayWriter4U says, “I always loved reading cartoons trips in newspapers. It made me a fan of comic books and cartoon characters. I even started writing my own cartoon strips but that didn’t work out so well for me. Still, it made me good with words and now I can write essays for students to earn a livelihood.”

Cartoons Help Instill Creativity

Imagine a world where one can be anything at all, buildings rise to the moon, sun sets in the east, everything can be green or no sign of it but dry sand. It is a world you create, where people could be heroes and villains or nothing heroic or villainous about the people.  This kind of thoughts can stick around in your head after you have read a comic book or a fantasy novel.  Children love a comic strip because it is land of fantasy where anything can happen. They are absolutely fascinated by how creative the writer is being, taking them into a fantasy world and unfolding the story step-by-step. This sends the children into a world of their own, fantasizing different situations and stories. Eventually, it helps the child play with stories in their heads; making them creative in the process.

Cartoons Instill Logical Thinking

It is hard for students to learn whole bunches of text and ingrain it in their memory. It is much easier for them to understand a concept to its core when they are taught in short paragraphs or through a method using cartoons. It helps children understand a concept block by block and build upon their logical thinking skills. Students are taught through an interactive method and this will definitely help a student understand much better. The children think about the topic when they are genuinely interested in the concept; while thinking, they analyze different parts of what is being taught and this helps clarify the concept a whole lot better. If you are a teacher experimenting with this method, there are online tools available like BestOnlineAssignmentHelp which will help you out with cartoons on various concepts of different subjects.


When you were a child, it was sometimes difficult to be interested in the class and what was being taught. Like the time, the mathematics teacher was trying to teach you multiplication and you went bonkers trying to calculate the numbers in your head. Nowadays, mathematics teacher use a lot of examples and cartoons to teach concepts to students. It creates an environment of positivity in the class where you could teach students very easily rather than a serious environment with scared witless kids sitting around.


Cartoons help the students come to a single conclusion. For example, you might show a cartoon to the class. Each student will create his/her own perception around it as each thinks in their own way. You can initiate a group discussion based on the cartoon and see how each one comments on it; you will find that each one has perceived the cartoon in a different way. Students will be able to put their remark on the cartoon and take part in a class discussion. This will help them realize that their inputs can be valuable and they ought to speak more in class.

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