How to Take care of Newborn Baby: Parenting Tips

After surviving a long span of nine months a woman becomes mother and man becomes father. The overwhelming moment of becoming parents can’t be expressed in words. With welcoming the newborn baby you are welcoming lot of happiness and many unforgettable moments of infant’s laughing and crying. On the whole, being a parent you are going to live the life as a family and this little bundle of joy (infant) needs proper care. Here, this post provides basic parenting tips of how to take care of newborn baby.

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How to take care of newborn baby

Though, parents do what they can do best for infant but due to some lack of some minor care infant’s health may be affected. An infant is like a flower and should be treated like a flower in these days as he/she has to get the immune power and strength in body so for this period of days and weeks let’s treat an infant like a flower.

Breastfeeding comes first:

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Mom, you kept this newborn for nine months in your womb and so was a part of your body and soul, even your stress could affected him/her, so, what could be the best for newborn as compared to mom’s milk? A mother’s milk is full of essential nutrition that an infant’s body needs so feeding must be done after several interval of time.

The noticeable thing is you should feed newborn when you see the signs of hunger as he/she is will cry if he/she needs feeding. And as you know you are going to feed newborn for upcoming weeks so your health must be good and you should get healthy and green food as well.

Diaper sessions:

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Yes, newborns signifies the saying eat and poo, eat and poo and eat and poo so just like of regular breastfeeding, hygienic and fresh diaper must be considered for baby. Sometimes, it could be more than ten times in a day that a baby’s diaper needs to be changed. However, diapers keep a baby fresh and far from skin problems due to bacteria but why to take risk. Baby’s skin is sensitive and soft so could be affected and infected easily and so the diapers should be regularly changed.

Bathe newborn when it needs:

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Exactly, bathe newborn baby three or four times in a week, so the baby is not like us and can’t bear daily bath. Baby’s skin is sensitive and not strong like us. Therefore, in first week, make sure to give baby a sponge bath. In order to avoid of the fussing of baby, make sure you get essential stuff in advance as towel, soap, diaper and anything that doctor recommended to use while bathing.

Let the baby sleep:

Yawning baby taking a nap

Yeah, maybe you want to play with baby, want to see cute smile over small lips and want to make baby laugh but meanwhile baby needs instant nap. Actually, babies don’t have any schedule they can sleep anytime and anywhere and in these weeks it’s strictly recommended for parents to let the baby sleep.

  • Make sure baby must be alone so without disturbance and noise.
  • Make sure you feed baby first before he/she gets sleep
  • Room must be properly clean and clear so insects and mosquitoes won’t harm your baby’s sweet dreams.

Give your baby ‘tummy time’ daily:

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Well, this could be something funny and interesting because this baby laughs, plays and even can cry because you are going to place him/her by tummy/stomach. Yes, a baby is always on the back either it’s on bed or talking to mom with secret signs. But in order to provide proper care to the body posture, bones and muscles make sure to give your baby ‘tummy time’ daily. This five to ten minutes of tummy time could work as workout for baby.

Parents, take care of yourself first:

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Baby is totally dependent on a mother whether it’s about feeding, interacting, loving, giving bathe or even when he sleeps in mom’s arms. Even father also spend time with baby so of course this baby signifies them as couple. So, your physical and mental condition will affect your baby directly. Mom and dad, as you know you keep your baby in arms and always touch baby’s face to let him speak or calling you dad and mom but this could be infectious for baby. So, first, make sure to bath daily and keep yourself from any disease.

Regular concern to doctor:

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Yes, this must be followed, don’t think you have your baby now and it’s all done. For starting months, several changes happen in baby’s body and mood and technically you can’t get them. Therefore, concern your doctor weekly or monthly for regular checkups of baby. And makes sure you get chart or schedule for baby as per doctor guidance so you can follow when you at home.

With newborn babies our life gets changed and parents get more responsibilities about baby. So, may be you need to change your job schedule or working hours or may be the life style, for few weeks. This is about newborn baby’s health, life and future. These weeks must be strictly followed as per proper care guidance. And parenting tips can be asked to your elders in family and pals. For now, we have just shared how to take care of newborn baby so your newborn baby would grow healthy and happy. The tips can’t be end like this; everyone has his/her own experiences and knowledge to share with others. And if you got some tips, feel free to share with us in comment section.

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