How to use Construction Lines to improve your Drawing Quality

Line drawings are considered as one of the simplest yet perfect ways when to comes to professional drawing. Joining a few lines in the right way can create some of the finest designs and drawings. Construction lines are one such linework tools that help create the greatest designs in most architectural frameworks.

Now if you are wondering what are these construction lines, let’s take a look!

What are construction lines?

Construction lines, commonly known as xlines are those temporary linework entities commonly used as references for creating and positioning the other objects or line works. Construction lines mainly comprise circles or straight lines. These can be extended to infinity in either direction.

Functions of construction lines

Construction lines help in laying out small or detailed parts of any design. Just by simply using these lines, one can automatically draw beautiful drawings with various sets of parallel lines, or freehand.

Why are construction lines used by artists?

Construction means the practice of breaking complex objects into basic shapes. Artists and professionals use construction lines for constructing their creations. The artist uses these basic lines to construct complex shapes of the object as per their wish. 

Artists and professionals use the following six types of construction lines for their drawings-

  • Plans
  • Interior and exterior elevations
  • Building and wall sections
  • Interior and exterior details
  • Schedules and room finish
  • Framing and utility plans

Construction lines and technical drawings

These lines are light lines that are made with quite little pencil pressure. This is mainly done such that it can be easily erased. The prime use of these lines is for blocking out sections of the drawing while constructing it.

Construction lines are mainly used for creating technical drawings that are needed as the basic dimensions for accurately conveying the technical information. Creating drawings with construction lines ensure that actual lines are drawn in the right corelation with one another. 

Multiple tutorials are available for using these construction lines, rightly for making accurate complex drawings. Wolf drawing tutorial is one of these. It is very easy to construct even such complex drawings like a wolf’s face and head using the simplest set of construction lines.

How to use construction lines?

Construction lines are very easy to be used. There are several attached sources to create drawings using these lines. All you got to do is start from by clicking on the ‘Place construction line’ tool and begin. Once you start drawing the first line with a click, your drawing space is active. After which, you can continue drawing anywhere in the entire active drawing plane. 

Keep moving your mouse cursor and clicking towards the place that marks the line’s end-point. One can also use the point snaps, direction snaps, and drawing guides along with a protractor to assist your drawing alignments.

With this, you can use these construction lines to create the most amazing masterpieces. 

Practicing construction art

Practicing construction art is simple and easy but it needs consistent practice. Here are a few drawing practice exercises that can be taken up to learn and improve your construction art skills.

Follow these simple steps to be a pro in construction lines usage-

Repeat the image over and over

Once you begin drawing with the construction lines, make sure you repeat your image, you are trying to construct.

Try drawing from your direct observation

Making your drawings from your direct observations is a good option to improvise your drawing. Also, make sure you learn from other’s observations, too. 

Take learnings from tutorial marathon

Try to learn from various tutorials that are available online like wolf drawing tutorial, etc. These tutorials teach the foundational to strategic level details of using these lines in multiple ways to create even the most complex drawings.

Deconstruct & simplify your structure

A complex structure would always seem difficult to be computerized. It is always important to simplify your complex idea into a much simpler form and then start constructing one by one. This will not just simplify the overall job but, also help you bring out the best drawing results.

Keep an eye on the basics of construction

The basic rules of using the construction lines are the most essential ones. So, make sure you keep these basics brushed every time. Use them to the fullest for getting the best construction drawings.

Experiment with the lines

Don’t hesitate to experiment with your construction lines. These experiments can lead you to the best and newest creations. This is thus, a brilliant idea.

Tackle the flaws in your drawing 

Every creation might hold a few flaws but, if you identify the flaws in time, you can get to create some of the finest creations.

Following these basic yet exceptionally vital key points, you can use the construction lines to improve your drawing.

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