List of Top Ten Strongest Pokemon Ever

Pokemon is a media franchise which is published by Japanese video game company Nitendo. It is owned by Pokemon Company and the characters are created by Satoshi Tajiri in 1996. Pokemon has been the most successful and lucrative video game based media franchise in the world behind Nitendo Mario franchise. The properties of Pokemon have been merchandised into anime, manga, trading cards, toys and books. In fact, cartoon gadgets are also very popular at this moment, so that kids always love to own them. There is no such thing like Top 10 pokemon because pokemon characters are itself unique in their own way. The game and the character of pokemon as so vast and varied, chances are that you could probably make your own combination work with different type of pokemon put together in your team. But there is certain number of pokemon, which are some ways more popular than others mainly because of their fighting style and powerful moves. Which ones are best fitted in the list of top ten strongest pokemon ever?

List of Top Ten Strongest Pokemon Ever (2)

List of Top Ten Strongest Pokemon

We are keeping the list of top 10 which can help you pulverize other cotton candy monsters. Which one you choose? And here is another list of famous villain cartoon characters. It is hard to choose as there is no definite sequence to this number. Better would be getting to know some of the strongest and build your team while selecting out the best one which suits you in terms of power and moves.

Dangerous Garchomp is a land shark with one of the primary reasons of its prevalence in competitive arena.

  • Unusual Ground Dragon and Shark combination keeps it safe from grass and water and can destroy any type of enemy with its abilities. It is resistant to poison and can deal with Rock and fire. However it is vulnerable with ICE.
  • It can attack with stab attakcs and access to decent move pool which allows it to fight furiously with enemies

List of Top Ten Strongest Pokemon Ever1
The character can change its type and it is god and creator of pokemon. It is justified to be strongest of all because it created the rest.

List of Top Ten Strongest Pokemon Ever2

Aegishash starts every match with shield defense form and provides impressive 150 base defense and 150 special defenses.

  • It has various type of moves, a steel type move protects from all type of physical and special moves. Attack would come within contact with it and reverts with shield form.
  • It has steel move and attacks when in close contact.

List of Top Ten Strongest Pokemon Ever3

This pokemon can learn any type of move and transform into any pokemon. It is cute and play and considered to be best pokemon ever.

List of Top Ten Strongest Pokemon Ever4

It is crowd favorite not because of its structure but because of its crucial ability named as Protean.

  • Its strong move: Protean, helps it to stab attack everywhere and can cause double the damage.
  • You can also use its protean move in defense.
  • It is a flexible frog which can lead to a furious charge against any type of opposition as offense and defense both.

List of Top Ten Strongest Pokemon Ever5

Dialga with his adamant orb and roar of time can beat any pokemon in any move. It can destroy everything as Arceus gave him time and can stop time and wreck the world.

  • It can go in the past and killy anyone there.
  • These special powers make Dialga a very strong and powerful pokemon.

List of Top Ten Strongest Pokemon Ever6

It is a simple but strong pokemon. It is true that it isn’t a rare pokemon but it is cool to known that even it has real good power and speed. Fire and flying, he is also a Big bad dragon type with fighting spirit.

List of Top Ten Strongest Pokemon Ever7

It is an incredible dragon pokemon with ICE character and able to fuse with either reshiram or zekrom. It would be able to rival the strength of Arceus pokemon.

  • It is superstrong and can flash freeze everything around it.
  • It also can change into fire or electric type and destroy a train system.

List of Top Ten Strongest Pokemon Ever8

As was visible in the Pokemon movie “the power of one”, this pokemon can do some quick wonders with his move. It can flap its wings to cause a 40 day strong and one of its signature moves is aeroblast.

List of Top Ten Strongest Pokemon Ever9


  • Zekrom has outstanding attack! Its moves fusion bolt and bolt strike can hurt a pokemon badly!
  • It’s awesome! Because it van use Fusion bolt and other cool moves and zekrom should be 1 2 or 3 in unova so please have a good vote because he’s my favorite pokemon
  • Zekrom is a black and white pokemon. And it is better than charizard in the pokemon pokedex list of pokemon with states pokemon data base.

List of Top Ten Strongest Pokemon Ever10

Well, it is depending upon time of the day or who you ask, the list of top ten strongest pokemon ever can vary. Here in this article we have provided list of top ten strongest pokemon ever.

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