7 Meditation Techniques for Teens to deal with Stress and Anxiety

As a parent, you may notice many changes in your child’s behavior during the teen years. Such as – immediate reactions, aggressive behavior and distracted mind. Teenagers are more vulnerable to get attracted to bad habits due to stress. However, adolescence stage is the most crucial time to choose and prepare for their career. They may also get depressed about their marks in competitive exams. Well! Meditation is the best technique to achieve a calm state of mind. With 20-30 minutes of daily meditation for at least three weeks, the brain becomes less reactive to sudden changes and more responsive to day-to-day work. So, don’t you think? The meditation techniques will prove helpful to teens prone to erratic behavior.

In today’s highly-competitive world, meditation works as a magical tool for coping with life and nurturing personal growth. Here, we present some of the best meditation techniques to improve concentration and memory in teens.

Meditation Techniques For Teens To Deal With Stress And Anxiety

Control over thoughts

Stress and anxiety can cause insomnia disease in teens. This technique is one of the best methods to reduce stress levels. Interestingly, you can ask teens to count from 1 to 10 within a second and tell them to keep repeating it until they feel their mind is completely free of unwanted thoughts. This way of meditation allows the proper functioning of the body and mind. Besides this, give plenty of time for your teens to share their experiences.

Learn how to calm chaos

Chaos often causes physical stress in teens, a notable sign of anxiety and keep your stress level high. With meditation, you can subdue chaos – tell your teens to do breathe in and breathe out exercise to release tension. This meditation technique for teens is also helpful in relieving the anxiety of anger. 

Awareness and Gratitude

Another helpful technique to manage stress! Tell your teen to sit in a quiet place with eyes closed. Take deep breaths in and out, simultaneously paying attention to the task at hand. After spending a minute concentrating on your breathing, move your focus to individual feelings and experience them without reacting. You’ll notice how quickly the mind is free from all negative thoughts.

Silent Walking

It’s scientifically proved, two minutes of silent walking relieves tensions that continuously strikes in your mind. Believe me, this strategy is more relaxing than listening to your favorite songs. So, don’t hesitate! Ask your teen to practice silent walking at a park and feel each step while observing the surroundings. In other words, this technique will enhance your child’s concentration.

Sitting Still

Mental stability is a crucial component for teen’s development. So, this is an ideal meditation technique for teens to strengthen their bond with you and to manage emotions in healthy ways. Sit with your backs and heads leaning on each other and take deep breaths. Recall happy moments you’ve spend together and feel each other’s breathing.

Move towards Simplicity

Making a decision to focus on simplicity is the actual anxiety relief therapy because you will instantly have fewer problems. Remember, the less you have, the less you have to worry about! Tell your teens that while doing meditation, they must focus on intangibles, such as – love, peace and beauty. Moreover, give permission to anxious feelings fall away naturally.

Closing the gates

Follow the practice of closing the eyes, known as Yoni Mundra. This technique involves closing the ears, eyes, mouth, and nose with fingers to block all sensory movements. You can also ask your teen to give relax to their shoulders and elbows by taking deep breaths, but without feeling the breathing sound. After a few seconds, they can open their ears and listen to the sounds around them. This technique helps to improve concentration and thus, helps teens learn better.  

If you’re still feeling the stress and anxiety even after performing all these practices, then you should seek help from the experts at BetterHelp. Counseling is a great way to help alleviate stress and anxiety.

At last, these meditation techniques for teens will prove to be the most useful gift to share with your children. After all, it only takes one seed of a flower to bloom beautifully. Be that SEED! In addition, meditation is an ultimate tool to build self-awareness, compassion, focus, and decreases the risk of depression. However, there are several meditation techniques but, it’s important to choose them as per your teen’s needs and convenience.

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