5 Most Common Children Diseases: Symptoms, Precautions, Cure

How does it feel when you got to know your kid is sick of illness and disease? Indeed, parents do care much for children but somehow, due to weather change, atmosphere change, bacteria and because of many reasons a kid could be ill. Even children of 3-4 ages can’t tell parents if they are sick or not feeling good. Bacteria and diseases should be considered seriously at the stage of symptoms, fever turns into chickenpox, cough turn into high fever and etc. Therefore, we brought you up these five most common children diseases, there symptoms, precautions and cure.
Most Common Children Diseases Symptoms Precautions Cureg

Most common children diseases: symptoms, precautions, cure

Sometimes, for working parents, it becomes pretty much harder to take care of children. But, this post will surely help you to take care of kids if you are working parents.

Actually, a Red rashes and itching can be seen on kid’s body and is contagious in childhood days. But, the fact is, if you have had the chickenpox in childhood days, you are not going to face it again in life.

Most Common Children Diseases Symptoms Precautions Cure1


  • It can spread by the droplets from sneeze or if a kid is sick of cough.
  • Itchy spread over the neck, face, limbs and, all the body parts and lasting for eight to ten day.
  • Red bumps to vesicles that drain.


  • Keep the children away from other family members and fingernails should be short.
  • Don’t let the children scratch blisters and red bumps or spot.


  • Give child the calamine lotion and to reduce the itching and pain after itching.
  • Consult doctor to provide children the immunoglobulin injections to prevent the infection further.
  • Consider the diagnosis and hygienic treatment for kid.


Kids under five, mostly suffer from this disease and this causes an inflammation of upper airways(windpipe and voice box). And seriously when a kid cries it sounds like barking seal or hoarseness.

Most Common Children Diseases Symptoms Precautions Cure2


  • It can be recognized by seeing if the kid is having running nose and swollen upper airways.
  • Usually starts from cold cough and fever and high-pitched noise.
  • Disturbance during breathing, especially while inhaling.


  • It’s winter season’s disease so, make sure to keep away kid from cold and changing weather.
  • In order to keep warm the core body, serve soup and healthy foods.


  • Syrups, home-made soup, ginger tea and other home remedies must be considered first.
  • If the swelling is getting worse, get the children to hospital.


A redness, tearing and itching and mostly flowing fluid from eye is called as conjunctivitis. And sometimes eye color looks yellow as well.

High resolution macro photo of an infected eye of a child.


  • Pain in eyes, changed color of eye and especially the itching .
  • Sometimes, allergies and bacterial infection leads to swell eye.


  • Cover nose and mouth when sneezing or coughing.
  • Never share personal stuffs like handkerchief, towel or especially the contact lenses.
  • While swimming in pool or pond, make sure to wear swim goggles.


  • As a home remedy, wet washcloth to the eye could help to get rid of symptoms.
  • For allergic treatment, actually the medication and treatment must be started before it gets over the patient.
  • Ointments and antibiotic eye drop for bacterial infection must be considered.

Head Lice:

These tiny bugs really suck and especially the itchy heads, however, it’s not that dangerous in starting but lasts for so long time. Therefore, these bugs and their eggs should not be in head.

Most Common Children Diseases Symptoms Precautions Cure4


  • Kid starts scratching heads madly all the time and even sometimes.
  • You can see red rashes of scratching on neck area or below head of kids.


  • Children should not be sit with friends head to head. Make sure to avoid head contact with other kids or people.
  • Get the drawers and clothes properly washed because lice could get you from clothes.


  • Actually, prevention is far better as compared to cure, but in serious cases or if this disease is getting worse, consult a doctor.


This is energy consuming and will make weak a kid’s body. Kids suffer this disease more than adults and could harm dangerously a kid. It starts from food poisoning and after few hours children feel pain in stomach and water bowel movements.

Most Common Children Diseases Symptoms Precautions Cure5


  • Dehydration, abdominal pain and repeated compulsion to poop.
  • And in newborn babies, regular pooping can be considered to recognize this disease.


  • Make sure to keep clean the rooms, kitchen and even the toilets.
  • Because food poisoning causes the disease, always prepare healthy, hygienic and fresh food.
  • Prefer light food for kids and tell them to wash hands before they eat food.


  • Drink water and other fluids as the source of vitamin so as to recover the energy.
  • One glass of Oral re-hydration solution is the best cure to follow.
  • Chamomile tea, anti-motility medication and medication owing bismuth compounds must be considered.

However, a minor virus, bacteria and infection could let the kids off the schools and playing. But, the saying, ‘prevention is better than cure’, signifies itself for healthy life. But for the serious condition, medical science has given us vaccines, injections, diagnosis and other treatments. Let us know if you got something to share, even if it’s about disease or experience. Let’s bring the happy and healthy smile of kids face!

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