Organic Swaps for Your Kids

Choosing certified organic food for your children is one of the best decisions you can make. Studies show that children who eat an organic diet have lower levels of insecticides in their bodies and a reduced risk to exposure to toxic pesticides. Here are a few other benefits of organic swaps for your kids.

Organic Swaps for Your Kids

Long-Term and Short-Term Benefits of Going Organic

The biggest benefit of organic food is a lack of pesticides. Pesticides lead to birth defects, nerve damage, cancer, and a host of other health issues. Pesticides not only affect the health of people who eat treated foods, but they also affect the health of anyone who comes in contact with the pesticides.

An environmental benefit of organic food is sustainability. Farmers who are concerned about long-term yields and profits see organic farming as a means of preventing future problems by using their land and resources responsibly today. Organic farmers use crop rotation, organic fertilizers, and cover crops. These practices increase soil quality, make the soil stable, and can enrich and preserve farmland.

Is Eating Organic More Expensive?

Many people complain that organic food is too expensive. Organic food is worth every penny as a long-term investment in your health and the environment.

It is not fair to say that organic food is more expensive than conventional food. It is true that if you purchase a box of organic cereal, it will probably be more expensive than a cheap store brand of the same cereal. However, you need to do an item by item comparison when looking at meals.

For example, you could purchase a Kraft’s Lunchable with all of its high fructose corn syrup, hydrogenated oils, and artificial colors for under three dollars. It is also possible to make a homemade lunch with organic bread, cheddar cheese, and organic fruit for the same price, if not cheaper. You can repeat the same exercise with other foods. It’s all about being a good comparison shopper.

Good Reasons to Buy Organic Skin Care Products

There are several reasons to purchase organic skincare and body care products, like shampoo and soap for your children. First, they are not toxic. They don’t contain synthetic fragrances, petrochemicals, etc. Second, they work. When you purchase certified organic shampoo or soap, you are paying for high concentrations of pure ingredients that are plant-based. These will enrich your skin.

These products are not cheap, but they are affordable. You get what you pay for. Cheap skin care products include water and laboratory-produced ingredients. Top-end non-organic skincare products have you paying primarily for marketing. With organic skincare products, you are paying for the quality of the ingredients being used.

Buy and Freeze Organic Vegetables

Freezing organic vegetables is a great way to take advantage of sales you may find. Here are a few tips to get the most out of this process:

  • Frozen foods are best used as soon as possible. Keep the oldest items first in your frozen vegetable inventory.
  • Fruits and vegetables convert enzymes into sugars and starches as soon as they have been picked. It’s worth the effort to blanch them and freeze them the day you purchase them.
  • Thaw frozen organic vegetables in the refrigerator overnight. By thawing them slowly, you preserve their taste and quality.

It may be like an addition to frozen vegetables: You may also use any of propane smokers to make smoked vegetables, it’s a good decision, because this process preserves all the useful elements in vegetables. Moreover smoked vegetables can be stored for a long time and they still keep taste.

The Benefits of Organic Collagen Powder

If you are adding supplements to your children’s diet, it’s because you care about their health and well-being. Organic supplements, such as organic collagen powder and daily vitamins, are healthier for you than their conventional counterparts. Collagen can relieve joint pain and prevent bone loss. It can help children boost muscle mass and improve heart health as they develop into healthy adults.

Choosing to include organic food in your child’s diet may require a little more effort and more financial commitment. However, the results that you and your children will experience because of the change make any additional effort well worth it.

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