Personalized Children Books: The Best Guide

Imagine how delighted your child will be when they see you have made a personalized children’s book for them. The books are made with either the child’s name, his or her face, and a story can be created for them and they get to be the star in their favorite storybook. The child can also be placed with his or her favorite characters. How cool can that be? Nothing warms the heart of a parent like seeing their children smile and because of something they have done for them. Personalized children’s books are the best gift that you can give to a child and they will remember it all their lives even when they are older because they will keep seeing it.

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Personalized Children Books

Why make a personalized children book for your child?

  1. You will be able to add their photo and it will be featured throughout the story as your child will be the star.
  2. You will be able to include the name of your child at the front page and in the book too.
  3. In some books, you will be given a chance to add a family photo, and your child will be delighted every time they see the photo of everyone.
  4. You will be able to preview the book before you buy it and if there is a mistake it will be rectified before the book is sent to you.

There are thousands of personalized children books in the market. You will choose the type of book depending on the characters that the child likes and the age of the child. Below are the top books that you can get for your child: –

Abc with me

This is one of the bestselling books in the market. it is all about discovering words, letters using the face of your child. How great will it be for your child to learn the basic ABC as they are looking at their faces? You can also keep this book for so many years so that they can see it when they are older. It is recommended for children between 0-3 years.

A monster mess

This personalized book will delight your child as he or she will be involved in mayhem and mystery they try to follow clues to know who made the mess and is trying to get away. Your child’s name and photo will be used throughout the story. You will also get to choose the colors you want as there are five different ones. One or two family photos can be added in the book. This book is recommended for children between the ages of 3-8.

A night before Christmas

What a great Christmas gift this book can be? Put a smile on your child’s face this Christmas with this personalized children book. Your child will be delighted to see themselves as the star of the book. The child’s name will be at the cover and in the story. You can add a photo of a sibling or their favorite cousin and it will be featured in the book. You will also get a chance to upload up to two family photos and also write a special dedication to your child. This book has three different colors; you can choose one that suits your child best. This book is recommended for children between the ages of 3-8.

What would you like for tea?

This personalized book is well illustrated for younger children. It talks about friends with wired appetites coming for tea. Your child will be the main character as he or she will be the one who will be offering them the tea. It is recommended for children between the ages of 0-3.

Rainy day picnic

Your child can go for an adventure in a rainy day as he or she is the main character in the book. You will place your child’s photo and name throughout the book. This book is recommended for children whore are ages of 3-8.

Gift certificate

If you are looking for a gift for your child this Christmas or o their birthday, you can go for this gift certificate. It comes in a soft or hardcover.

What to consider when buying a personalized children’s book


You should consider the price of the book before you buy it. Different types of books have different prices. There are those that are pricey, it will depend on your budget. It is also good not to compromise on the quality as you will want the book to have a longer lifespan.

Type of book

There are different types of personalized children books in the market. They all have different stories and characters. Older children may know the characters and would want specific ones. There are also those books that are for occasions like Christmas and birthdays or for newborns.


All the books come with specific age recommendations. Most of the creators of the books indicate the ages so that a parent can know who it is for. This is because there are ages that the child will understand more the character and the story and there are those who will only be delighted with the picture, they may not even notice when a name is written on the cover.

There is nothing as precious as the smile of a child as it is very genuine. Children are made happy with the simple things in life like seeing their faces and name on a book and when they also notice that they are the main character of a book. This will make a lasting impression on them, they will never forget. They can also keep the book for years as it will have a nice cover.

Get a personalized children book for your child and they will always remember. You can choose a book with the character that your child loves and then upload photos of them and a book will be created for them. They will always cherish this book.

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