10 Points you Must know about C Section Recovery

Despite that little bundle of joy, caesarian section can give you those abdominal cramps, vomiting, pain and nausea. However, these issues can be resolved without treatment but few of them stay for longer such as back pain and interference with daily life rituals and activities.. Don’t think as if it does not happen to the ladies who have vaginal birth, yes, it happens to all mothers. Indeed, there are few differences in conditions and recovery of women who have gone through C section or vaginal delivery but things get normal after six or seven months. But, nobody is sure about c section recovery as how much time would it take a mother to get back to normal healthy life so here are the points you must know about C section recovery.

Points you Must know about C Section Recovery

Tip- once you’re a mom make sure you feed your kid only yours milk. And in case you got problem with that, still there are ways to pump milk so you can breastfeed your little champ.

It’s Painful, accept it:

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Mommies, as you know this procedure includes a cut in your abdomen and uterus hence, body would not recover it fast. And after birth, there will be back ache, stiffness in backbone and much more for weeks. Just accept it and you can go through the recovery period easily.

Postpartum constipation:

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It happens with almost every woman as after C section delivery there will be some fluctuation in hormones and heavy medication. And in order to cure it, don’t push hard your bowel muscles, drink water and eat grain and green vegetables on regular diet.

Use pads regularly for vaginal discharge:

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However, you can leave hospital in 3-4 days but a woman can also have bleeding after 4-6 weeks after c section delivery. Therefore, using pads can help you with blood clots and tissues. Yeah, this might remind you of school days!

Physical activities, slightly:

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No matter if you have gone through c section, you got to move your body if you want to heal it. After one or two weeks, you can start walking normally but don’t you dare try any kind of workout. Moving body will keep your blood flow normal and you’ll recover sooner.

Don’t make love:

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Ahan! Don’t do this mistake, please!   It’s strictly recommended to not to have any insertion after giving birth. Your vaginal discharge, hormones fluctuation and blood tissues which are more prone to infection can cause you serious complications. Hence, no more love unless and until your doc approves.

5 Seconds bracings:

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However, you’re not allowed to lift weights or do households but still you can do some activities. But, in order to lose that belly fat or healing your stomach, start practicing the 5 seconds of bracing regularly. And don’t forge to take 6-7 hours of sleeping. 

Focus on belly breathing:

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When you’re enough strong to start exercising, start with easy the moves i.e. pelvic exercises, belly breathing, wall sit, leg slide and kegels. And, these can somewhere help you with boost up your milk supply as well.

Yes, that’s a major surgery:

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Indeed, there are some conditions that doctors would decide either the c section is compulsory or not. No doubt, you’re mentally strong enough to go through such surgery but, you need to keep in mind that this is a MAJOR surgery and there are and will be some complications and expected symptoms of any infection. Be ready!

Leave the hospital soon:

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Family members care for you and they need to get proper rest and this might get you into late healing. Yes, once your surgery is done, you better leave hospital within 3-4 days, maximum 5.

Aloe Vera for scars:

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You would not like to see that 6 inches scar for much longer. Use aloe vera 2-3 times a day to remove scar. And get proper green veggies for better recovery.

Aforesaid points you must know about C section and keeping in mind will surely help you heal soon. Share these informative points with other moms and to-be-moms.

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