50 Popular animals that start with M | Animal Name List A-Z

Below is a list that includes a collection of 50 animals that start with M. Scroll down below to see what they are and having a short explanation that might interest you.

1. Moose

It is included in the deer family members (Cervidae) and is the largest living participant. To identify a male moose, you need to look at the large palmate horns.

2. Mongoose

Mongoose has 29 varieties and is considered a tiny carnivore. They eat insects, earthworms, rodents, birds, crabs and lizards. The Indian grey mongoose could even fight and kill cobras.

 3. Meerkat

The next animal, the Meerkat, is also a tiny creature that belongs to the mongoose family. They can be found during the day as they are diurnal. They like to live with their colonies.

 4. Mexican Redknee Tarantula

Mexican Red Knee Tarantula is the next on the list of animals names that start with m. The hairy black and red body pounce and infuse the target with poison. The targets would be bugs, frogs, mice and reptiles.

5. Millipede

They are well known for having multiple legs. Even though millipedes have a lot of legs, they move slowly. While they move, they would eat the decaying leaves and dead plants along the way.

6. Monarch Butterfly | Animals that start with M

The monarch butterfly is a big butterfly well-known for migrating huge ranges. It will lay eggs partway through the migration, and its children will certainly continue the journey.

7. Mosquito

Mosquitoes are little flies in the family members Culicidae. They feed on the blood of various other animals and spread out diseases such as malaria and yellow fever.

8. Mountain Gorilla

The mountain gorilla is a subspecies of eastern gorillas discovered in East Africa. Gorillas share similar DNA to humans, so we share around 98% of our DNA with them.

9. Musk Ox

The musk ox has long, shaggy fur and a set of massive, curved horns. They are the animals that start with m are hunted for meat, wool and artwork.

10. Macaque

Macaques are apes in the category Macaca. They are primarily herbivorous, but some are omnivorous.

11. Mallard | Animals that start with M

Mallards are ducks found across the globe. The male mallard is a lot more vivid than the woman, having a metallic green head and a deep brown upper body. The female is pale brown all over.

12. Manatee

Manatees are large marine mammals. These animals that start with the letter m are slow-moving are also referred to as sea cows.

13. Mandrill

The mandrill is a monkey found in the jungles of western Africa. It is the globe’s largest ape, and the males have brightly coloured faces.

14. Maned Wolf

It is the biggest canid located in South America and also the tallest of all wild pets. It has a shaggy, red-brown layer, long legs and large ears.

15. Mantis Shrimp

There are more than 450 varieties of mantis shrimp. These fierce deep-sea animals come powerfully armed, either with club or spear adjustments to their front appendages.

16. Margay

The margay is a small wild cat that is an expert at climbing trees. It can even climb hastily down trees, utilizing its specially-adapted versatile ankle joints.

17. Marmoset

Marmosets are monkeys that feed on tree sap which they acquire by gnawing out openings in trunks. They are one of those animals that start with m resides in the woodlands of South America.

18. Marmot | Animals that start with M

Marmots are large ground squirrels in the category Marmota. They are well-adapted for residing in cold areas, having thick coats and also tiny,

19. Martial Eagle

The martial eagle is the largest eagle located in Africa. It has a wingspan of 6ft 4in and feeds on monkeys, tiny antelopes, meerkats and hyraxes.

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20. Mouse

No listing of animals that start with the letter m would be complete without mice. Mice are tiny rodents in the category Mus. They are very sturdy and able to duplicate rapidly, making them an incredibly effective team of varieties.

21. Mountain Goat

The mountain goat, also known as the Rocky Hill goat, is a big hoofed creature native. A subalpine to towering species, it is a sure-footed mountain climber frequently seen on cliffs and ice.

22. Marlin

Marlin is a fish that includes about 10 varieties. It has a lengthened body, a spear-like snout or expense, and a long, inflexible dorsal fin that extends ahead to form a crest.

23. Muntjac | Animals that start with M

Muntjacs also called barking deer, are small deer of the category Muntiacus. You can find them in France, Germany and Poland.

24. Muskrat

The muskrat is a medium-sized semiaquatic rodent. It has critical impacts on the ecology of wetlands and is a resource of food and fur for human beings.

25. Moth | Animals that start with the letter M

Moths make up a team of bugs connected to butterflies. They are the animals that start with m come in different sizes.

26. Markhor

Markhor, also known as the screw horn goat, is a large species of wild goat located in north-eastern Afghanistan, north and central Pakistan, Northern India, southern Tajikistan, southerly Uzbekistan and in the Mountain ranges. It is the national poet of Pakistan.

27. Megapode

Megapodes are medium-sized to big earthbound birds having big legs and feet with sharp claws. The largest participants of the clade are the species of Alectura and Talegalla.

28. Mink | Animals names that start with M

These mammals are similar in shape to weasels and ferrets. They have long, slender bodies with short legs and glossy fur. Their fur can come in different colours, from dark brown to bright white, and several patterns in between.

29. Mandarin Duck

The Mandarin Duck is a colourful duck species that comes from Asia. People love their beautiful plumage, and because of this, zoos and private collectors keep Mandarins across the globe.

30. Map Turtle

These aquatic reptiles live throughout North America. You can recognize them by looking for their unique shells with a distinctly pointed ridge down the back.

31. Mamba | Animals that start with the letter M

A Mamba is any number of snakes in the taxonomic genus Dendroaspis. All of the species are highly venomous and surprisingly swift.

32. Merganser | Animals names that start with M

A Merganser is a small group of ducks. These ducks have oddly narrow bills with serrated or ridged edges.

33. Mastodon

Mastodons look similar to modern-day elephants and woolly mammoths. American mastodons had short legs and stout bodies, and they resembled Asian elephants with longer tusks.

34. Milk Fish

This species looks like a typical silvery-coloured fish. It has an elongated, torpedo-shaped body. On average, these fishes are the animals names that start with m measure about three feet long.

35. Minnow | Animals names that start with M

This widespread species looks like a tiny version of your typical fish. It has silvery coloured scales and a torpedo-shaped body. Most minnows measure about three or four inches long.

36. Moccasin

They are thick-bodied snakes with broad triangular heads. Compared to other pit vipers, this group has relatively short fangs. Most species have dark colouration, either black or brown.

37. Moon Bear

These bears have long black fur and a v-shaped patch of white fur on their chests. Their ears are noticeably large and round. They do have tails, but they are pretty short and challenging to see beneath their fur.

38. Moray Eel | Animals that start with the letter M

In some species, Moray eels have a muscular, serpentine body that is flattened at the sides but always flattens toward the tail. 

39. Mountain Lion

They are the fourth-largest cat species in the world, behind tigers, lions, and jaguars. They can stand up to 35 inches at the shoulder; that’s nearly 3 ft. tall! This cat’s fur is tawny yellow, with patches of reddish or silver.

40. Mule

Mules are those animals that start with the letter m looks like a mixture between a donkey and a horse. Its body is slightly stouter than an average horse but leaner than a donkey. Its ears are somewhat longer than those of a horse but shorter than those of a donkey.

41. Mako Shark

They are large sharks and measure around 10 ft. Female mako sharks are larger than males. Their skin is bright blue on their back and white on their underside.

42. Macaw

Macaws are stocky birds with a large head, a thick, strong beak and a long tail relative to their body size.

43. Mole Rat

These creatures look pretty similar to moles, with tiny eyes and ears. Their limbs are short, and their bodies are stout and cylindrical.

44. Magpie

They have long tails compared to other corvids. These birds are around a foot and a half or two feet long and weigh between five and seven ounces.

45. Mara

Their heads are shaped somewhat like the capybara, but they have long, pointed ears and long legs. They are those animals that start with m have four toes on their front feet and three on their rear feet.

46. Meadowlark

The Meadowlarks comprise a group of seven species of songbirds in the Icteridae family.

47. Merino

This breed shares a set of characteristics with all sheep. Their dense, wiry hair, known as wool, grows continually and must be sheared seasonally.

48. Mite

Their bodies typically measure less than a millimetre in length. Like other members of Arachnida, they have eight legs.

49. Mockingbird

The Mockingbird is a medium-sized songbird, being about 9 or 10 inches long from beak to tail. Its wingspan is about a foot across, and its tail is quite long at 4 or 5 inches.

50. Mountain Beaver

This rodent is quite large but not quite as large as the North American beaver. These mammals have greyish-brown fur with a small white patch behind each ear.

On this planet, numerous animals begin with M. However, in this post, you get to learn about some impressive animals that start with m that you may not have heard before.

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