Prepaway – Why Salesforce ADM-201 Is So Popular? Is This Popularity Justified?

Salesforce ADM-201 is the exam that leads to the award of the Salesforce Certified Administrator certification. This is the entry-level credential for the professionals with experience and knowledge in the application of the Salesforce system in their workplace. The Salesforce system is designed to help with the process of Customer Relationship Management (CRM) through management and marketing. This credential is among the most popular certifications in the field because it opens a wide range of prospects for the holders. The certificate is useful for numerous applications, features, and functionality. It is designed for the management and maintenance of Salesforce implementation. The professionals with Salesforce Certified Administrator have the skills and knowledge in the administration strategies and management options across sales, services, clouds, and collaboration. Some other areas that are covered under the Salesforce automation system include order management, product knowledge, and sales forecasting at ExamLabs Home Page. Those individuals who have passed the Salesforce ADM-201 exam are able to leverage effectively the available services within their organizations.

Before we go ahead to look at the reasons why this credential is popular and why you should consider adding it to your list of goals this year, let us briefly look at the functions of Salesforce administrators in an organization.

Job Roles Of Salesforce Administrators

The Salesforce administrators have broad knowledge and skills in the Salesforce application. They help organizations manage and configure the Sales and Service Cloud applications. In addition to this, they recommend effective ways, thanks to which companies can derive more from the additional capabilities and features. The professionals with this credential are well-respected in their organizations and they have a high prospect to climb speedily the career ladder in the field of customer management.

Why is Salesforce ADM-201 popular? Some reasons to get certified

Irrespective of your level of professionalism in the field of Salesforce, earning the certificate will make a lot of difference in your career prospects andwill enhance your proficiency in the use of the system. The preparation for the Salesforce will provide you with the necessary information that will help you understand the full concepts of the platform. The certified Salesforce administrators are involved in the management of data and security, users, customizing and maintaining Salesforce Cloud and Service Cloud applications, building reports, workflow and dashboard. By going through the certification process, the professionals are equipped with the comprehensive knowledge involved in role hierarchy, native Customer Relationships Management (CRM) functionality, including defining and briefing on Leads Accounts. The certified specialists are also able to distinguish between customized and standardized objects. They are also aware of validation rules, data loader, user configuration, record types and page layouts.

Some of the top reasons why this credential is sought-after include the holistic administrative basis it has, high career potentials and the ease of availability of hands-on training experiencefor the candidates. According to report, there is a high demand for the certified specialists in Salesforce and over the years, it has risen above 170%. People with this certificate can earn $82,000 averagely per annum. Therefore, it is not so surprising that the credential is also in high demand among the professionals in the field of IT. Salesforce Certified Administrator is a sign of approval and recognition of the individual’s commitment, dedication, efficiency and excellence in the workplace. The hiring managers understand the importance of this certification and this is why they give priority to individuals who include it in their resumes.

Prerequisites for Salesforce ADM-201

There are no prerequisites that may be called obligatory. However, the candidates who want to pursue this credential should first acquire administrative experience. The professionals who are involved in user security and management, Sales and Service Cloud functions are the core audience for the Salesforce Prepaway exam. The students are expected to have substantial workflow experience before attempting the exam. Understand that the certification is designed to equip the individuals with the ability to attain superior efficiency level in the field. As formal degrees, the candidates for the exam should possess a degree in BBA, BCA, MCA, or an MBA. These are the fundamental requirements for the certification exam. Additionally, the test takers should have a clear understanding of the basic concepts of Salesforce and also working knowledge in Sales Cloud. System administrators, IT managers, sales operations professionals, developers and architects are among the specialists who can be interested in passing the ADM-201 exam.

How can you get certified?

The process of the certification is fairly straightforward. The first step is to submit your application and register for the Salesforce Prepaway test. You can register for your test at the official website. You will be required to pay the exam fee of $200. You can check the webpage to find more details and resource tools to help you prepare. There are various platforms online that you can use for your exam preparation.

The ADM-201 exam consists of 60 multiple-choice questions andthe students have a total of 105 minutes to answer these questions. To pass the test, you have to score 65% of the total score. The candidates who fail the exam will be required to pay the exam re-take fee of $100 to be able to write it for the second time.


The specialists with the Salesforce certification have the opportunity to choose within a wide range of job roles. Some professional positionsthat you can take up with this credential include a Salesforce developer, a Salesforce Cloud architect, a senior architect manager anda Salesforce business analyst. The earning potentials of these specialists are also very competitive. It is important to mention that the candidates are required to meet some prerequisites to maintain their certificates. After earning it, you need to appear for some release-specific exams to keep your credential valid. You also have to pay a maintenance and registration fee every three years.

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