Purchasing A Sustainable Modern Home: What To Look Out For

There is more demand for sustainable homes following the realization that action needs to be taken sooner rather than later. More sustainable homes are being built, and more traditional homes are being converted to be more sustainable. Read on to learn what you should look for when purchasing a sustainable home.

The Building Materials

One of the first things you should consider when looking into a sustainable modern home is what the building is actually made out of. Where possible, try to ensure that the building is made of sustainable materials. Eco-friendly materials are made with materials that are both produced more sustainably and help secure the future of the property too.

When it comes to the floor, it will help if the property is made from regenerative or low VOC flooring materials. Consider finding homes that use cork or bamboo rather than traditional hardwood. If a property has carpets, consider the material of these.

The wood that is used throughout the construction stage should be from local trees that are being regrown to ensure it is sustainable. It will help if the lumber is certified by the Forest Stewardship Council. You will be spending years of your life in this property, so you will want it to be made out of sustainable materials, if you are someone who is eco-conscious.

Eco-Friendly Exterior

It’s not just the building that needs to be made sustainably. You will also want to ensure that the exterior and the landscaping are eco-friendly. Where possible, the garden should use xeriscaping, which is the process of planting drought-resistant grass.

You should also ensure that the garden has water-efficient sprinklers and even artificial grass where possible. Of course, you can purchase your own products when you’ve moved in, but there may be an irrigation system currently in place that is hard to replace.

If there is a patio, ensure this has been made with eco-friendly materials. If you purchase the home and plan to build a patio of some kind, then consider how you will source the relevant, sustainable materials to do this.

You can do this yourself, or you could hire the services of a relevant local sustainable expert who can do this for you. Do your research, and contact a range of people to get the answers you seek.

The Area Itself

It’s worth thinking about the actual area itself when it comes to looking for a sustainable home. You may be able to find the most sustainable home around, but if the surrounding area itself is quite wasteful and not great for the environment, then the property may suffer for it.

Some areas have received more investment to be more sustainable, and some are left to be more wasteful. Fortunately, in the United States, there is so much natural beauty out there that has been preserved. This means that even when new homes and neighborhoods are built, they are done so in a sustainable way.

Take North Carolina, for example. North Carolina is a state that has strong offshore winds that allow for electricity generation and uses a range of sustainable energy resources. This has also led to North Carolina being somewhat of a leader in solar power as far as the other states are concerned.

The city of Wilmington, NC, is no different to the state. The Wilmington Convention Center was built in 2021 and received the Leadership in Environmental and Energy Design Silver certification from the US Green Building Council. All of this means that Wilmington is at the forefront of sustainability and will be a great place to look for a new home. You can browse real estate in Wilmington and find homes for sale with EZ Home Search, available at ezhomesearch.com. This allows you to work with local experts who are knowledgeable in the area and help you find the perfect home for yourself.

Look At The Plumbing

It’s easy to focus on the energy levels of a home when looking into sustainability, but not many think about the water situation, as they believe all homes are the same. In fact, this is not the case, and many homes utilize water-efficient plumbing and use appliances that ensure you are not wasting water. Not only is this better for the planet, but it also ensures that the water bills are low.

Water consumption is quickly becoming a global issue. This is why many states have recently agreed to cut their water usage to prepare for droughts and avoid wasting what they can. In recent years, there has been less rainfall in certain states, meaning that homeowners and citizens may use more water to make up for it. States are encouraging those to reduce their water wastage during these tough times.

This is why more and more properties are looking into sustainable means of plumbing, and installing more water-efficient appliances. When you are viewing properties, you should ask the real estate agent, and the seller, if possible, what the plumbing situation is like and what relevant appliances they have.

Some appliances and plumbing may be certified by relevant organizations. The United States Environmental Protection Agency uses WaterSense labels to showcase what products and services are more eco-friendly with how much water they use.

Sustainable Energy

As well as the water situation, it’s also worth thinking about what energy is available at a certain property. It’s likely that most properties will be the same, and they won’t have too much choice with what energy they use.

However, some properties may have their own ways of dealing with energy and may help create their own energy source. This is why you see more homes with solar panels fitted and even small windmills in the garden. Many homes are now off the grid, and they generate their own power to prevent contributing to any environmental issues and help lower their energy bills.

When you are searching for a new sustainable home to move into, you should find out if they have any means of generating their own energy. If not, you should try to find out what the energy options are like in the local area and who you could sign up. There will be more sustainable energy companies than others, and you may have more choices than where you currently are.

The Insulation

Related to the energy available in a property, it’s also worth considering the property’s insulation levels. You can purchase a property that is already heavily insulated and is able to keep warmth in, but you can also add insulation to an existing home. You can look into new window options made with thicker glass, and you can investigate the home to find any cracks or holes that could leak warmth.

Homes that aren’t well insulated will need to use more heating solutions to keep warm, which means more energy and electricity will need to be used, as well as more water in some cases. For that reason, you should ensure you are finding well-insulated homes and know what changes you would need to make to a home to make it more insulated.

It is much easier to find a sustainable modern home these days, and it will be more and more common in the future. Use this article as a guide for finding a sustainable home and speak to relevant experts to determine your options. Local experts are also worth speaking to, as they will have more of an idea of what’s around.

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