Spring Cleaning…In Winter! What’s in a Season’s Name Anyway

Who came up with the phrase, anyway? It’s no news that decluttering knows no seasons. True, we associate springtime with new beginnings, but getting yourself organized certainly shouldn’t be limited to just one time of the year. And while you’re at it, why not spruce up that negative empty space in your living room with a few quality wall tiles? Looking back on your many memories with family and loved ones will not only give you the opportunity to cherish the good times but also bring out your flair for creativity.

In fact, making space for positive emotions and leaving enough room to spark off your creative flair are just a couple of reasons why cleaning and decluttering are so essential to our well-being. But we decided to skip the whole list of reasons why cleaning and decluttering are so crucial. Let’s face it, we all know the benefits of living in a clean and orderly environment. What we’ll be indicating here are some tips and tricks related to cleaning, with a focus on those unseen areas which still require a good clean-up every so often.

#1. Start Small: Sort Out, Reorganize, and Dispose of Unnecessary Items

There’s no point in starting to clean if there are a ton of extra objects that shouldn’t even be part of your home in the first place! Start small: think about that cluttered shelf on which you’ve been piling unnecessary papers on; that disorganized cutlery drawer that you need to rummage through just to find a teaspoon…you know which parts in your home are screaming to be sorted out pronto. Don’t pressure yourself with a deadline…slow and steady wins the race. Focus on tackling one area a day; it can do wonders!

#2. Bring out that Step ladder and Clean the Tops!

Tables, counters tops and cupboard tops aren’t the only horizontal surfaces that need cleaning. There are several other surfaces where dust particles tend to settle. The tops of the following areas might escape you, but they warrant your attention nonetheless:

  • Doors
  • Desktop monitors and televisions
  • Frames and mirrors
  • Light bulbs and light fixtures
  • Chair rail molding
  • Electrical wall plates
  • Curtain rods
  • Clocks
  • Books on shelves
  • Any wall-mounted object (e.g. smoke detectors, intercoms, carbon monoxide detectors, thermostats, water heaters, alarms etc.)

#3. Clean those Drains to Keep them Flowing

Don’t wait until your drains get clogged to give them a good clean. Do sanitize them every so often to make sure they are free from any particles which might accumulate over time. Now with this step, you’re either gonna do it right or else better skip it altogether. Many blogs on the internet suggest using baking soda and vinegar to clean your drain. However, while it’s true that this solution can sanitize your drain, it will damage it in the long run due to the baking soda’s abrasive nature. Better solutions to keep your drains clean include using salt and hot water, or else liquid dish detergent and hot water.

#4. Those Trash Cans and Wastebaskets are Calling!

Sanitizing your trash bins is not only crucial to eliminate unwanted odors but also to get rid of all the germs that old food and used diapers bring with them. For a thorough clean, you might want to take them outside and give them a good cleanse with a garden hose, adding disinfectant. On the other hand, if you’d rather opt for an environmentally-friendly method, you can use undiluted hydrogen peroxide or vinegar mixed with water, with each of these two making up half of the solution. It’s extremely important not to mix the peroxide with vinegar as this will result in a harmful, corrosive acid. Finally, after letting the trash bins sit for an hour, you just pour the contents and scrub the insides with a harsh bristle brush to scrape off any remaining grime. Once you rinse it, it’s advisable to let it dry in the sun, which helps eliminate bacteria.

#5. Time To Turn Everything Upside Down: Vacuum The Bottoms

You might already have a habit of cleaning around the furniture, but hey, you might be missing the underside which tends to collect a lot of grime. For this one, you might need some help because you need to tilt all chairs and couches the other side up to expose the bottoms. This way you can vacuum off any accumulated filth, reaching even the unseen areas; they also deserve to be kept clean!

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