Surrogacy Law in Ukraine | Complete Information

Ukraine is a popular country among tourists but not only its sights attract them. Medical tourism is one of the most common purposes for visiting Ukraine and surrogacy matters, in particular. Why exactly Ukraine but not EU countries?

The most significant difference between those countries and Ukraine is the fact that surrogacy is completely prohibited or partly restricted in a range of European Union countries. In Ukraine, it is completely legal and recognized in all legislative acts of the government. Another advantage of Ukrainian surrogacy is a large number of qualified lawyers who specialize in this sphere. They have a great experience in dealing with legal systems of the countries where biological parents are from as well as with legislative acts of the native country of a surrogate mother. They are aware of all medical requirements necessary for successful surrogacy procedure and will help you go through all governmental institutions and do all the paperwork as quickly as possible.

Surrogacy Law in Ukraine

The main source of Ukraine surrogacy law is Ukrainian Contract Law. Its flexible structure allows regulating all necessary details between parties to the process, including terms, place, remuneration and many others. The result of negotiations between the parties is always reflected in the text of a contract signed by biological parents and a surrogate mother with the help of highly educated legal workers. This contract is an integral part of any agreement concerning surrogacy in Ukraine as it comprises a set of guarantees for both sides and defines their mutual rights and duties.

Major Goal of Surrogacy law in Ukraine

According to IVF international lawyers, the surrogacy law in Ukraine is aimed at achieving several goals. They include the fulfillment of such fundamental human rights as the right to be a parent and the right to healthcare while specifying legal requirements to medical institutions, biological parents and surrogate mothers and providing supervision over the compliance of medical services in the field of surrogacy with established standards.

What Surrogacy law in Ukraine actually Defines?

The surrogacy law in Ukraine clearly defines the rights of a surrogate mother allowing her to receive adequate remuneration, necessary for the satisfactory development of pregnancy. On the other hand, it secures the rights of biological parents by protecting their privacy and giving them the right to fix surrogate mother’s consent to the procedure in a relevant contract. This consent must be expressed freely and in a written form without any coercion and after being informed about all the details. 

Generally, the surrogacy law in Ukraine is a complex system of rules and regulations which are reliable and able to ensure both safe and comfortable conditions in such a delicate process as surrogacy. Local experienced lawyers and educated medical workers will be pleased to help foreign couples become parents with little efforts from their side and in the shortest terms.  

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