The 8 Best Anime to Watch While Stoned

Looking for something to unwind after a long day at work? For maximum relaxation, consider watching some stoner anime while consuming your favorite marijuana strain from Homegrown Cannabis company weed seeds.

Anime series and movies span many genres, from sci-fi to comedy and murder mysteries, that let you enjoy the moment. They also challenge reality with absurd, groundbreaking thoughts.

All anime shows entail great visuals that will keep you grounded while high. We’ve sampled a host of them and compiled the following listicle.


Aggretsuko is a mashup of the words Aggression and the name of the main protagonist, Retsuko. The plot revolves around a work environment where a hard-working office girl gets frustrated with her job.

She reaches breaking point due to demanding managers and annoying workmates. Retsuko later discovers a way to let her anger out: by going to a karaoke club and belting out death metal songs.

Apart from the music, you can sympathize with her workplace issues. Making this one of the best anime to watch when high if you need to relieve some work-related stress.

Attack on Titan

Attack on Titan is a masterpiece that appeals to many due to its unparalleled visuals, rich universe, and exceptional storytelling. The series features an attack from the titans, manlike creatures that devour humans. As a result, the community builds tall ring fortifications to keep them out.

One titan rips the wall apart, allowing other creatures to overwhelm one section of the city. The story follows young recruits from the affected area who join the Survey Corps leading the humans against the intruders.

The recruits use swords and 3D hooks to fly around the city and drive out the titans. You’llunderstand what it means to be human and to fight for survival. The graphics and overall storyline make it indispensable in the list of anime to watch while high.

Death Note

You can’t enjoy a supernatural mystery like Death Note without being blazed. The story features an academic overachiever, Light Yagami, who stumbles upon a magic book called Death Note. It contains a list of people who are immoral and must die.

The main character tries to use his newfound knowledge to fix society but is challenged by a figure called “L.” The story is well-written and thrilling, making it one of the best anime to watch while high.

Junk Boy

Junk Boy is a controversial anime. It spikes debate among the fans, but under Mary Jane’s influence, there’s a different side to it. The show hilariously dissects the 1980s sex comedy and takes it to an extra level of absurdity. The story follows the life of Ryohei, who can smooth-talk ladies but never gets satisfied with sex or girls.

He’s just another lover-boy with too much testosterone and time on his hands to indulge in all his fantasies. Ryohei lands a job as a quality tester at the adult magazine company Potato Boy. This series is another of the best anime to watch when high, as it has too many absurdities to watch sober.

The Devil Is a Part-Timer

There have been many apocalyptic series recently, and this is an excellent anime filled with great charm. The story goes that the devil is stripped of his power and stranded in a teen’s body in Tokyo.

While you would imagine that he’d join the Yakuza, he gets a part-time job in a fast-food restaurant.

The young man thrives in his new job and perfectly blends with humans while secretly planning their demise. There are several twists and turns in the story, great visuals, and overall storytelling that would charm you off during your high.

Yu-Gi-Oh! The Movie

Yu-Gi-Oh is a card game that got banned in elementary schools after causing a craze in the early 2000s and rivaling Pokémon. The movie version brings nostalgia to anyone familiar with the game.

It’s an exciting fantasy adventure making it one of the top anime to watch while high.

The story highlights a battle between two boys, Yugi and Kaiba. The face-off culminates when a creepy creature in their cards becomes real. The monster has magic powers that steal cards and souls. It’s a perfect story that anyone stoned will appreciate and understand.

Sword Art Online

Sword art Online is another best anime to watch while stoned. It presents us with fundamental questions about life in a technology-dominated world. It provides an ideal scenario that could be either a gamer’s worst nightmare or a dream come true. In the anime, a group of beta testers is trapped in a cutting-edge virtual reality with lethal consequences.

The creator offers players an ultimatum: to risk their lives and save everyone, or spend a life of immortality in the game. It’s the kind of dilemma that’s best considered when stoned.


Boondocks is a fantastic anime that intertwines anarchism, activism, and biting satire of ‘the American dream.’ Racial tension, moral questions, comedy, and classic kung-fu will dazzle your mind.

Along with learning how to make cannabutter, watching this anime is another fun activity to do in the evening.

The story is a compilation of the adventures of Huey, Riley, and Grandad Freeman, an African-American family living in the suburbs. It revolves around current issues with a touch of sarcasm and intellectual thought for pot-filled conversations.

Stone Away with Anime

Binge-watching with pot is an exhilarating experience. Take the session to the next level with a taste of anime. Our list contains the best stoner anime to watch.

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