7 Tips To Raise A Confident And Competent Child

Raising a confident child is one of the major responsibility a parent will ever experience. Honestly! Encourage, encourage and encourage is the only mantra to make your child more competent. In this competitive world, it’s important for kids to learn how to trust their own capabilities and the ways to handle it, if they don’t achieve a goal.

In contrast to this, confident children always stay happy, think positively, and aren’t afraid of trying to try things. In addition, confident kids are able to overcome problems like – anxiety, stress, and depression. This proves, boosting self-confidence in a child is that important. So, here are the tips to raise a confident and competent child –

Tips To Raise A Confident And Competent Child

Develop the habit of doing everything on their own.

Whenever your child tries anything for the first time, control your impatience. Simply stand near to them and observe and be prepared to help them in whatever best way you can. Try to keep your mouth shut and hands to yourself and give continuous encouragement, unless the actual need arises to help physically.

Appreciate your child’s achievements

Empathizing with the child’s achievement is the best way to make them feel more confident. Your simple words like – well done, excellent, proud of you will create a magic and they will continue to do such things in their future as well. Also, speak about your child’s latest achievements with other members of the family. Your child will feel a sense of accomplishment. This in turn, helps them build trust in whatever work they do.

Model Positive Self Talk

It’s rightly said that – ‘children learn maximum from their parents’. So, this can be considered as one of the most important tip to raise a confident and competent child. If something negative starts to come out of your mouth in front of your children, bite your tongue. Whatever you will do and speak, your child will grasp and emulate.

Don’t scold them for mistakes

If your child does something wrong that’s beyond your imagination, never scold them. In fact, tell them that everyone makes mistakes, but the important thing is to learn from your mistakes and not dwell on them. Honestly, your words will become their inner-voice and they will judge what’s right and wrong for them. In other words, self-realization of the mistakes is the key to teach them how to manage themselves in tough situations.   

Set Goals

Help your kids turn their dreams and desires into fulfilling their goals without worrying about the outcome. Make them understand that to develop new skills, hard work is required and the results aren’t immediate. By doing this, you’ll be articulating goals in them and achieving them makes kids feel confident. 

Give your child responsibility

Everybody wants to feel lucky, including children – yes! Kids right from their childhood days enjoy the love and support of their family members. And, if they also want to contribute to the family – don’t stop them. Assign age-appropriate chores to your children to teach them the value of responsibility. This tip will raise self-confidence in your child and makes them more competent.

Don’t Neglect Feelings

Feelings or emotions are an integral part of our life. Without feelings, nothing can be felt in this world. If you want your child to experience different emotions like – love, sadness, happiness, and fear, show interest when your child turns to you and shares his/her feelings. Listen to what they want to share with you and give your opinion later. Remember, ignoring a child’s feelings can make them feel neglected, which lowers the self-esteem and confidence of your child. In fact, make them feel comfortable with you so that they don’t hesitate to share anything with you.  And if you see these symptoms in your child, a great first step is to read this article which helps explain how therapy can help.

So, if we want our kids to love and believe in themselves, as a parent we must motivate them and encourage them to accomplish the goals they set for themselves. The above-mentioned tips to raise a confident and competent child will prove a great help. In other words, a child who is able to both master a task and recover from failure is what makes him more confident. Further, children who observe themselves as competent are more likely to attempt difficult challenges.

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