8 Awesome Tools to Upgrade Your Writing Skills

Every writer wish is to jot grammatically collect articles that can be a reference to many. As a writer, you always have a room for improvement; that is why you should spend quality time practicing to draft high-quality contents and improve your skill.

There are times you get overwhelmed by the passion for writing. However, you find yourself repeating the same grammatical errors, and spelling mistakes.  Most college students prefer sourcing help from PapersOwl essays among other reliable educational platforms that offer professional writers to draft their assignment essay or buying essays for sale.

Tools to Upgrade Your Writing Skills

If you are facing difficulties with enhancing writing skills, there are different tools that will help you to become a better writer. These include


Grammarly is a browser extension that helps you enhance your content. The tool’s primary purpose is to check and highlight all the errors in your work.

When writing, there are different rules that you should observe to come up with an impressive final copy. The Microsoft word tool functions by auto-correcting some grammatical errors that are mostly shown with red or green colors as you write.

The Grammarly tool is downloaded from the browser and installed to use for your word processing program. To come up with better articles, there are payable upgraded Grammarly that you can use to advance your content creation skills.


JotterPad is one of the most excellent Android application writer tools for creative writing. The app offers you different features and helps in editing, drafting, revising, and writing your creative work. As a writer, using jotterPad helps you to quickly and at a fast speed write for a long time with the assistance of its user-friendly interface.

To become a good writer, download and install the app to enjoy an in-built dictionary to help you raise your productivity level and end up with quality content.


Since writing involves a lot of research and drafting notes, Evernote is the best application to use. The play store found the app is best in saving your videos, images, records, files, audios, and texts. As an essay papers writer, you can use Evernote to jot your notes and further edit and revise them before saving them. One of its best features is the ability to create and keep the plan of your tasks and set a voice reminder to help you not miss any function that you intended to carry.

Apart from helping you note down the list of things that you may need when writing, managing your projects and ideas for more natural planning as you write, the excellent tool can generate presentations and graphs as per the content used in the application.

Scrivener Writing Tool

Scrivener is one of the best writing tools that allows you to come up with an outline of your project using notecards. The tool helps you in gathering extensive notes and perform different research all in one file.

Pro Writing Aid

Pro Writing Aid is a great tool that you can use to evaluate your content writing. The tool boast of different unique features such as checking plagiarism, the length of your sentences, overused words, and words that do not serve any purpose in your essay. This helps you to know your areas of weaknesses and work on them to improve your writing.

It has a free version that analyzes a maximum of three thousand words at a time, and a premium one that is best for you if you publish a lot of articles per month.

Hub Spot Composer

Hub Spot Composer is a distraction-free writing tool that assists you as a writer to brainstorm your research notes and ideas into a blog post. The composer does the job of formatting drafts into blog posts. When developing content, you can copy and then paste your texts google docs or Microsoft words into a composer that in return automatically reformat them for blog publication.

iA Writer

IA Writer is an excellent content generator that majors more on the simplicity of your writing as well as formatting. The writing tool has its file browser for your document and can as well sync your article to google drive or Dropbox. IA writer can as well work with MacOS, windows, and IOS.

One of the significant unique features associated with this tool is the presence of its focus mode which obscures the sentences that you are not currently working on. Other IA impressive features are the night mode, markdown support, and the capability to publish directly to the medium. The writing application is free on Android devices, but you will be charged to use it on your computer.


 Every reader wants to read articles that are short and easy to understand. Hemingway is a writing tool that helps you write more clearly and precisely. The writing tool highlights your article and makes it easier to note the sentences that have an extended ending and make them short for easier writing.


There are many more writing tools that you can use to make you a great and productive writer. The apps highlighted above will help you in identifying your weak areas and guide you on how to fix your shortcoming and in the end, have error-free content t

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