5 Types of Composite Decking Colours You Can Use For Your Home

Thinking of the perfect composite decking color, you can use for your home? We’ve got you covered. Composite decking comes in beautiful colors that will enhance your home. There is the grey, brown, silver, red, and charcoal composite decking. Homeowners can install any of these decking boards with any of these colors.

Composite Decking Colours For Your Home

The most common composite decking colors are brown, red, silver, grey charcoal, or black. Homeowners can choose any of these colors for their garden decking design.

Brown Decking

One of the composite decking colors you can use in your home is brown. Brown composite decking comes in a lighter shade and darker shade. It is the most popular decking color homeowners purchase. Those who love the texture and appearance of natural wood would rather go for brown composite decking. 

The brown composite decking feels and looks exactly like wood. Homeowners who prefer a traditional look of timber decking should consider installing brown composite decking. With a brown composite decking, you have an advantage over wood. You don’t need to sand the decking or stain it. The brown composite board is the perfect alternative for wood decking lovers. 

Grey Decking

Grey is a popular composite decking color. The decking board also comes in lighter and darker shades like the brown decking. Homeowners who want a modern look for their garden should consider installing grey composite decking. 

The grey color will make your garden look modern. 

However, If you want to build a shade over your decking, choose the darker shade. The darker shade is suitable in covered areas or places with cool temperatures since the board is less likely to absorb heat from the sun. A lighter shade of grey composite decking is great for installing anywhere in your home. The board surface will remain cool, even if you Install it outdoors without a shade.

Silver Decking

If you want a light-colored composite decking board to choose silver decking. Silver is a lovely color every homeowner will desire. The color is great for creating a contemporary garden decking design in your home. If you want to add contemporary elegance to your outdoor space, consider installing silver composite decking. 

The decking will not only make your outdoor space look beautiful but will remain cool all year round. Silver composite decking is suitable in areas with much sunlight as the board will not get hot. It will reflect the sunlight, thereby keeping the surface cool.

Red Decking

Red is another type of composite decking color. The decking board is beautiful and more suitable for homeowners who want a traditional appearance. The board is suitable for installing outdoors as it is less likely to get hot in summer. Red composite decking will make your garden beautiful. The color will last for years since it will not fade. If you want to add elegance to your outdoor space, consider installing the red composite decking board.


Charcoal or black composite decking is great for homeowners who want a modern garden decking design. It is aesthetically pleasing and will make your decking the focal point in your garden. Black or charcoal boards are also great for creating contrast in your decking. You can mix the color with a lighter shade for a contrast decking design.

 However, charcoal composite deckings are great for Installing in cool areas with less sunlight. If the charcoal decking board is installed in places without a shade and much sunlight, it will absorb heat and become very hot.


There are various types of composite decking colors you can use for your home. Grey, charcoal, red, silver, and brown are the common decking colors.

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