U.S. Launch of NAMEE’s Unique, Customized Children Books Offering Diverse Representation

Lindon, Utah, United States – February 22, 2022: NAMEE, creators of one-of-a-kind books for children, is to launch the platform in the U.S.

The unique made-to-order hard-copy books offer a high-tech solution to help children of all backgrounds be the main character in their own adventures. By creating lasting bonding moments between children and families, the books focus on building self-esteem, while encouraging learning and excitement. 

Potential readers can customize the appearance of the main character, making them similar to the child from gender to eyes, hair type, skin tone, freckles, glasses, and more. Family members, teachers, or babysitters can also create themselves as a character. The books offer light content on the surface, with valuable lessons woven into the core of their stories. 

The next step is choosing from a selection of pre-written storybook templates ranging from Bedtime to Birthdays. Creators can then add a fully customizable dedication before previewing the book prior to placing their order. The result is a bespoke childhood story tailored to each child. 

“We see personalization as the future of self-education and the self-growth process, especially for children,” said David Pauliukonis, CEO of NAMEE. “As a parent myself, I see how much my son engages in stories where he is the main persona. That also makes him remember information easier.”

NAMEE is the brainchild of two parents determined to raise their children to be self-conscious, intellectual, and empathetic. Believing personalized books make youngsters heroes of their own stories, empowering them to learn enjoyably, the couple set out to create stories they felt children would relate to. 

While the reaction to their own imaginations fell flat, it was then they knew their children held the keys to coming up with storylines other children would connect with. With NAMEE, every story is rooted in the imagination of children. 

“Ultimately, every child is different and has their own set of skills and needs. Personalization helps to talk to children in a language they understand and are close to and educates them in a fun way. That’s why we let our kids create the stories for NAMEE – they know how to have fun!” added Mr Pauliukonis.

NAMEE’s personalized books are recommended for children ages 0 years and up, and they are a good choice for beginner to mid-level readers. Customers can choose from eight different ‘templates’ storybooks with two new titles to be released soon. 

All NAMEE books come with long-lasting hardcovers. The pages are colorfully illustrated on premium quality paper from edge to edge. Once the book is ordered, printing takes up to three working days before being shipped. 

For more information, please visit www.NAMEE.com or email hello@NAMEE.com.


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