6 Ways to Encourage Your Children to Read

Children are different in terms of character and behaviour. While some children may love and enjoy reading, others find it difficult. This may pose a challenge to parents who would naturally want to teach their children early on to cultivate the habit of reading especially for comprehension as well as communication skills. It is important to understand, however, that forcing children to read may have a boomerang effect as children like to do what they enjoy.

So how do you encourage your children to read? Here are 6 easy ways:

Ways to Encourage Your Children to Read

Make it Fun

Have you tried to read to your children’s books of their favorite TV shows? Books almost always give deeper insights to stories, so allowing them to see their favorite characters from a deeper perspective may pique their interest. Allow them to pronounce difficult words and praise them when they make an effort. That way, they would look forward to these little sessions and the boost of confidence and may want to read more.

Give them Books with Interesting Illustrations

It is no surprise that children get bored easily, especially when they have to read lines after lines of uninteresting texts. To deal with this problem, I strongly recommend providing them with books that contain illustrations to give them a clearer image of what they are reading about. Children love books that are colorful and full of action or some other form of entertainment.

Provide Different Kinds of Books

Fiction, biographies, comics, autobiographies, you name it. Once they start to read, they will want to continue and one way to keep them hooked is to have readily available books that they may enjoy. The Works has a diverse range of children’s books from classics to contemporary. Books from The Works are age-appropriate and easily affordable.

Read Aloud to them

Let them feel the emotions in your voice as you make it a little bit dramatic, make animated faces and voices with the story you are reading. Then once in a while, let them read to you as well. You can check the progress of how well they comprehend by asking a few light questions. They will be eager for more.

Allow them to Explore

Let them choose their style and pace. Mixing different genres of books is not enough to help them develop the habit of reading, but allowing them to explore different genres will. If they only read fiction, don’t be worried that they only read for pleasure. It’s a slow step and every child learns at his own pace. When they combine reading for pleasure as well as for critical thinking, it boosts their comprehension skills without over tasking the brain.

Answer their Questions

Your kids will only ask questions if they are interested in and concentrating on what you are reading. So no matter how silly their questions may seem, answer them anyway. Don’t ignore them or chide them for interrupting. Reading with your children should be an interactive session.

Kids will read whatever interests them, but parents must help them find said interests to help them develop good comprehension and communication skills from a young age. Remember to always make it exciting both for you and your child.

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