5 Ways to Make Windows the Highlight of Your Home

One of the first aspects of a home that homebuyers notice while browsing their options is how much natural lighting a space gets. Homes with open, spacious layouts and lots of natural light get top billing. A home with plenty of natural light just feels bigger. Whether you have just moved into a new house and you’re hoping to make the most of the natural lighting available, or you want to perform a makeover on your existing home, here are 5 ways to make your windows the star of the show. 

Ways to Make Windows the Highlight of Your Home

1. Decorate Your Home with a New Window Treatment 

Blinds, curtains, drapes, and shades – they all work to cover windows and give occupants a bit of much-needed privacy. You might have blackout curtains hung up in your bedroom so that you are able to sleep in and block out the sun’s rays. Sheer curtains can make a room feel more airy, ethereal, and flowy, and they look great blowing in the breeze when the windows are cracked. Treat your home to a custom window treatment that will highlight each and every room. You can make a set of curtains from old sheets for a kitschy, avant-garde look, or you can order curtains from a custom drapery maker. 

2. Create a Sunlight Bathed Relaxation Zone

For those looking to calm the soul and find inner peace, look no further than your windows. Imagine waking up and doing your yoga right in front of the windows as the sun rises. Add some candles, an indoor fountain, and a bit of scented oil, and you will feel totally Zen. To create the perfect indoor relaxation zone, it is imperative that you pull back the drapes completely. If possible, find a room to decorate that will be well lit all day via natural sunlight. Add in the right accessories, such as sitting pillows and soft background music, and you will be able to meditate the day away. 

3. Install Brand New Windows 

Installing new windows will absolutely help you to get more natural light out of your home. The best windows and doors are offered by companies like American Vision Windows, which is a business that offers a huge selection of custom options. Trust this company for all of your window and door replacement needs if you are looking to make your home feel more spacious and luxurious. Most importantly, American Vision Windows offer windows in all price ranges, so you can stay within your budget. Replace your existing windows with new ones that come with a warranty, adding to the value of your house. Replacement windows can be ordered to fit perfectly, so there will be no extraneous costs for labor. In general, window installation is a fast and easy service that can be conveniently set up via phone or web. 

4. Work on the Landscaping Around Your Windows 

While inside, windows give you a look into the outside world. You might watch people come and go around your neighborhood from a comfortable chair placed right by your living room windows. Via your windows, you can hear the wind howling outside on a windy night. From the outside, windows can also help to highlight the way your home looks in a curious way. Hanging vines and climbing ivy might make their way up your shutters, from the ground to the second story. A few well-placed bushes might obscure the interior view

of your home a bit, making curtains and blind unnecessary. Figure out how you want to accent your windows from the outside and you can add exponentially to your home’s curb appeal. 

5. Rearrange Furniture to Highlight Your Windows 

Windows, of course, come in a multitude of shapes and sizes. Bay windows not only give you loads of natural lighting, but they also create the perfect backdrop for window benches and built-in seating. If you are a voracious reader, then placing a high-backed chair and bookcases closest to your bedroom window can help you to create a perfect area for weekend staycations. Look at how the furniture in your home is arranged in each room. If you are intent on making the most of the natural light that you have inside your house, then you want to make sure that all seating and furniture is situated close to the windows.  

When you open the windows to your home, a soft breeze enters and immediately freshens up the space. As sunlight gleams across the floors, kissing your skin, warming the room, it can feel like the perfect blend between the outdoors and the comfort of an indoor space. No matter how you choose to highlight your windows, always remember to keep the glass and windows properly cleaned and sealed. This will help to extend their life, protect the interior of your home, and give your house a beautiful finish.  

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