How to Keep Your Home Clean and Tidy for Your Entire Family

Keeping your home spotless is one of the most important responsibilities you’ll have when starting a family. The condition of your home can significantly affect the health and wellness of your household —a dirty home can eventually become the breeding ground of germs and diseases and increase your family’s risk of getting sick.

Contrary to popular belief, keeping your home clean and tidy doesn’t have to be time-consuming and stressful, and it shouldn’t be done only when expecting guests. By implementing the right techniques and using the best products, cleaning can become an easy and fun chore.You might even start to love cleaning your home!

Here’s how you can keep your home clean and tidy for your entire family.

Be Smart in Choosing Cleaning Products

Your attempt to provide a spotless home for your family will go down the drain if you use the wrong cleaning products. Some contain harmful ingredients that cause eye and throat irritations, headaches, and even cancer.

To keep your house clean and ensure the safety of your family, be smart in choosing cleaning products. It’s best to invest in cleaning products that don’t have ammonia and chlorine bleach, like the CleanPro+ Antibacterial Spray and Kitchen Cleaner. Makro offers provide discounts for these products on their latest weekly offers, so make sure to hurry up and not miss their most recent deals.

Using non-toxic cleaning products will give you peace of mind knowing that none of your family’s safety is at risk as you clean the house. This is especially important if you live with kids, seniors, and pets.

Follow the “One In, One Out” Rule

Your home can easily get disorganized if the family loves to keep unused, broken, or old items. This habit can take up a lot of space in your home, which can eventually cause clutter.

Another way to keep your home clean and tidy is to encourage everyone to follow the “One in, one out” rule. This simply means every time someone buys something new — may it be a dress, piece of furniture, or appliance — another item is going to be sold, donated, or thrown away.

Following the “one in, one out” rule is a great way to create space for a new item. This rule is very beneficial, especially if you have limited space at home.

Set a Cleaning System in Place

The value and appearance of your home will eventually dwindle if you don’t prioritize cleaning it. How can your home look good if there are cobwebs all over the place? Do you think your family will love staying at home if the space is full of mold and mildew?

You can easily keep your home clean and tidy by setting a cleaning system in place. Generally, you need to come up with a cleaning schedule to determine when to clean and which areas to clean. For example, you can allocate a few hours every Monday to vacuum all of your carpets and empty the dishwasher every morning. You might also want to do the laundry every Friday and then deep clean your bathroom at least once a week.

Setting a cleaning system in place will encourage you to accomplish something small every day. This can prevent cleaning tasks from piling up and ensure that you get to clean every square inch of your home regularly.

Find Clever Storage Options

Not having sufficient storage space is one of the reasons why maintaining a clean and tidy home is challenging for some. Sure, toys and clothes are small, but putting them anywhere around the house can eventually contribute to clutter. Over time, clutter can build up dust and attract germs.

Your home will be cleaner and tidier if you have storage options at your disposal. For example, you can place hooks behind your doors and use the area to hang clothes and craft materials. You can also invest in plastic or wicker storage boxes to store your seasonal decors and your kids’ costumes.

If you have sufficient supplies, you can even install cabinets in the space under the stairs or purchase an ottoman for your living room. Adding vertical shelves to your bedroom and kitchen are also great storage ideas.

Deal with the Dishes ASAP

Washing dishes is tiresome, which is why many would choose to leave them on the sink after use. Sure, this option might seem convenient, but do you know that allowing this habit in your home will only set you up for failure?

Leaving dishes in the sink instead of washing them ASAP will only snowball into bigger problems. For one thing, cleaning dishes and pans only when you need them will set you back a few minutes, which can be very stressful, especially in the morning. Worse, you need to spend more time removing the food and grease that caked on the dishes.

Wash your dishes, pots, and pans after using them, so you won’t have to consume more time cleaning them later on. Completing this chore ASAP will also prevent the accumulation of microbes and the spread of germs in your kitchen.

Delegate Tasks

It’s common to see parents take up the responsibility of cleaning the entire house. However, as a parent, this can prevent you from fulfilling other responsibilities (aside from cleaning) and increase your risk of burnout.

Instead of cleaning the house by yourself, delegate tasks to every member of your family. Cleaning the house requires accomplishing several tasks, so there will be something for everyone.

If you have kids aged 2 to 3, you can have them wipe the baseboards and put clothes on the hamper. If they’re 4 to 6 years old, have them clean their rooms and wipe tables. Kids 7 to 10 years old can vacuum, sweep, and take out the trash.

Aside from making it easier for you to clean the house, delegating tasks also enables you to bond with each other. Delegating tasks can also teach your kids the importance of cleaning and being responsible.

Improve Your Cleaning Techniques

Who says cleaning and tidying the house has to be a boring and daunting chore? By following all of the tips mentioned in this article, you can consume less time cleaning the house without sacrificing the health and safety of your entire family!

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