Why Watching Cartoons May Be Good for Your Kid’s Mental Health?

Cartoons have had a bad rap, along with other technologies. Many adults think that if their kids watch too many cartoons, their brains will rot. All the cartoons the adults watched were good wholesome fun, while today’s cartoons just are mindless. However, this is not the case at all. As long as watching is moderate, cartoons can be good for a child’s mental health. Here are a few reasons why.

How Watching Cartoons will affect your Kid’s Mind

To energize the mental strength of your kind, you must look out for better physical strength of your kid as well Because we all know, “A sound mind resides in a Sound Body”. To take care of the physical health of your kid, you’ll have to take care of your kid’s diet.

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It Stimulates the Imagination

Cartoons can be quite imaginative. Even in the old days, the adventures the Looney Tunes went on were quite creative despite having the same formula. Cartoons today can even be more imaginative. Just look at Adventure Time. It is a show where there is no such thing as impossible. This can inspire your child’s imagination as well, encouraging them to be creative and to make their own stories inspired by what they watch. If you have a creative child, letting them watch some cartoons may not be the worst thing in the world.

They Can Teach Good Morals

Not every cartoon needs to wallop your kid’s head with a moral. Sometimes, they can be entertaining on their own. Or they do have a moral that’s subtle and not too forceful. But when they do have a moral that’s taught right, it can stick to your kid. How many kids who grew up with GI Joe still know that knowing is half the battle? You can gain plenty of lessons from watching cartoons. Both surreal and realistic cartoons can deliver quite a few morals if we do say so ourselves.

Kids Get Immersed in the Stories

Cartoons used to be something where every episode was self-contained. This was partial because, in the days of TV, it was hard to watch every episode consistently. If a cartoon had an overarching story and you missed an episode, it could be confusing.

But thanks to streaming services, your kid never misses an episode. Shows like Steven Universe now have overarching stories that your kid can get lost in. Between seasons, your kid is anticipating what will happen next. They may make their own theories or rewatch the shows again and see if they missed any important plot details. There are other great cartoons that kids can enjoy, and here you can find out some of the best ones.

You’d be quite surprised by how deep some of the modern cartoons have. Shows like Adventure Time may seem nonsensical at first but have some deep lore.

Kids Can Relate to the Characters

As a kid, especially an outcast, it can be hard to find characters who relate to them. Many kids find solace in characters who they can identify with. Because of the mindfulness of mental health, many writers are creating characters who have mental struggles of their own, and this can help your child identify with them and be able to find a voice.

Seek Help!

If you or your child is having mental health problems, some healthy cartoon viewing may be able to help, but it’s no cure. You may need to seek the help of a counselor or a therapist.

In cartoons, therapists are depicted as making you lie on a couch and you just rant to them. This is a bit of an outdated trope. Today, therapy is much more elaborate and goes above and beyond to give the people who need help the help they deserve. With Betterhelp, You can find therapy that can help you grow and therapy that can treat your mental health woes. With online therapy, it’s much easier than ever for you to grow as a person. Happy watching!

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