Find out, Your ward is on right path or not?

Parent nurture their kids with love and proper direction but as the kids grow up, their beliefs, nature and habits may get changed time to time. Especially, when kids enter their adolescence things could go out track or where you hadn’t supposed to. May be the things are not going well with your relationship with kids. Are you kids love to spend time alone or out of house? Do they show interest in what is happening around with family or in house? If it’s not like that, you have to find out, your ward is on right path or not.

Your ward is on right path or not

Your ward is on right path or not

First, let’s accept it as it’s natural and obvious, as the kids grow up, they explore new things and want to try every new stuff they see or in trend. They choose a way to go and ways to try out, the question is, how can two kids raised by the same parents in same house be different? Let’s discuss the ways to find out if your kids are not on right path.

live alone:

Your ward is on right path or not1

Once you find your kids spending time alone in their rooms, you must be assure of this as red flag. Don’t get this as if kids are having moments of solitude but this is something else. Signs are, if kid is having food in his rom instead of having it with family. Comes from school and just live in his room, doesn’t involve or pay attention to his parents and their orders.Even though, your boy’s having books in room but may be doesn’t bothered to read them.

Obsessed with gadgets:

Your ward is on right path or not2

Gadgets are good and worthy enough to have fun and grab information about anything. No wonder, now-a-days, most of us are fond of gadgets, not only the kids. But, do you notice if your kid is playing game or making school project and or, even if doing something else. Interacting with inappropriate things might lead that kid to an inappropriate path and destination too consequently.

Social media fever:

Your ward is on right path or not

Internet has changed everything around us. It belongs to everyone, from a school going kid to working guy. We all might have accounts on social sites, facebook, and twitter and on and on. That’s ok to have some fun time with pals and social friends and so called as virtual life. But being obsessed with this will again pop up a red flag about kids. Here, people update the status about the problems and complains if they have but never try to tell to the person it belongs to. Don’t you think, what should they tell their guardians, is already spilled on social site. Seriously, that is something out of sense, isn’t? However, these are the fun-worthy and knowledgeable websites for your kids; make sure to consider such kind of websites for kids.

Phone addicted;how they talk:

Your ward is on right path or not4

However, it’s not that easy to find out with this way, because mobile phones are today’s needs. Parents provide mobile to their kids to get their updates if they are out of house or need to tell anything. But do you find your teen busy for long time on phone, and especially the moment, when they try to go away while talking over phone with someone, and calling is going for hours, the way they talk over phone, not always but only few times? This is very remote sign of something you might need to know.

Mood swings:

Your ward is on right path or not5

Do you notice your girl or boy is happy with friends, laugh with friends but when it comes to family time, they just want to get away from you. Meanwhile a conversation, they yell at you and blame you for not being fashionable or modern dad or mom, blame you to not to give them what they asked you to get.

Late night parties, usually:

Your ward is on right path or not6

Especially, youngsters love parties and that’s obvious and fine sometimes. But if you find your dude boy coming home late night usually, goes without letting you know about party and plans of coming back. Seriously, don’t think of it as if it’s their right and their lives, or just like that if this is their privacy, not at all, at any cost. Facing problem with your teens, here are the tips, how you can make healthy relationship with teenage kids.

Indeed, parenting is life time job, actually a long time process, time to time kids grow up, their needs, habits, ways of doing work, point of views regarding what they see and seek, and everything. But in order to succeed in life with all aspects, one should not get on the wrong path. Moral values should be considered first and academic later but being parent if you find you kid heading wrong path, you can guide them again with love and a bit of pamper. Why don’t you share your suggestions and ways, especially if you are fostering the future’s generation? Till then share this post and make it worth for guardians and children too.

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