Let’s Play With Kids: Why Video Games Benefit Your Child

We often hear about the negative effects of video games on kids. In the modern world, almost every family has a computer, and numerous children have even several personal gadgets. Such devices can be used in different ways. On the one hand, the virtual world and video games provide incredible opportunities for education, communication, and exciting pastime. But on the other hand, a strong passion for computer games can cause certain harm to health and spoil family relationships.

Many parents worry that their children may become addicted, violent, and aggressive. However, with the right approach, video games can contribute to the development of soft skills and various positive qualities in your child.

Moreover, any games are crucial for your child. You can find lots of parenting tips on this topic on the web. Start with simple games that boost up your child’s memory and gradually move on to more complex, engaging, and exciting video games for kids.

In this article, we’ll tell you why you may relax when your child plays video games and what benefits the gaming industry can bring to children. Let’s go!

Benefits of Playing Video Games

Social Skills

Video games for kids are a way to have fun and a good reason to discuss in-game events and characters with peers, share achievements, or, conversely, search for help and find like-minded people.

For instance, the benefits of video games for shy kids are obvious. If such a child is well versed in this or that game, then it won’t be challenging to make acquaintances with other guys and find topics for conversation. In addition, there are team games where kids can complete missions together with other players. In this case, they need to agree on coordinated actions and play — thus developing soft skills necessary for adulthood as well.

Video Gaming Career

Esports is becoming not just entertainment and a real sport but also a serious business. If you understand that your child constantly spends time playing video games, then try to understand what exactly attracts your kid. Try to find out more about the genre, interests, and preferences. 

The fact is that numerous parents ignore such signs at the very beginning, but as we have already said, esports is an actively developing area. Perhaps, your child will make a career in the game industry. It could be blogging or even video game development.

So, talk to your kid. You can even try to create a small animation or video game review together, using video editing software and a screen recorder for Mac or any Windows alternatives. It can give a great start and inspire your offspring to develop in this direction.

Communication With Parents

The next point on our list of benefits of video games for kids seems to be family relationships. Adults play computer games as well. Although, not everyone likes to admit it. If you find a game that both children and parents will play with pleasure, more topics for communication immediately appear. And it doesn’t have to be some popular CS: GO shooter.

You can search for some video games you loved to play in childhood and adolescence and show a master class. Children will certainly feel respect for their parents, who could seriously and successfully do the same thing that interests them now, and find that they’re ready to discuss not only school and homework. Show interest in your child’s hobbies, and your family relationships will improve.


Like any parent, you want to raise a confident child. When children have already spent much time in a certain video game, they can tell others how to complete a hard mission and defeat the boss, and, at the same time, strengthen their authority among peers.

Moreover, in many games, you have to search for ways to resolve various hard situations. Some children do it better than others and can share their experiences. Thus, the child learns to explain and share knowledge with others. And this, in addition to self-confidence, develops pedagogical skills and teaches patience. 

Finding A Solution

In video games, you constantly need to decide and choose the most suitable option for each moment. To successfully upgrade your character, you need to plan your actions and try various approaches. And the sooner the player understands the rules and game mechanics, the better strategy for solving game problems is developed.

Numerous games such as shooters and arcades develop and stimulate the nervous system even better than puzzles and brain games. In particular, they increase the plasticity of neurons and the ability to learn in general, coping with this task no worse than special apps designed. In addition, team video games develop leadership skills, which will prove to be extremely beneficial in adulthood.

Expanding Horizons

The plot and content of many video games for kids encourage them to dive deeper into the topic. There are games built on the events of world history or mythology. You can’t play these games without geography, architecture, and even astronomy. Such games encourage children to start searching for additional info on the Internet, books, and encyclopedias, think about additional education, or visit a thematic museum.

If kids have questions about the game, tell them ways to delve deeper into the topic of interest. It is even possible that a childhood hobby will eventually turn into a profession.

Parenting Tips

It’s quite difficult for children to keep a balance between the virtual and real world on their own. So, here are some parenting tips that will bring only benefit from video games for kids:

  • Track the time your child spends playing video games.
  • Consider video games age restrictions.
  • Give preference to games and products that develop creative self-expression.
  • If your offspring loves playing computer games and you aren’t against such a hobby, purchase special gaming equipment.
  • It is useful for adults to play a new game themselves to understand game mechanics and plot and evaluate how it suits this particular child.

Final Words

The negative effects of video games are the same as the benefits. It all considers their boundless fascination. The harm of video games for kids can only be due to the non-observance of simple rules that help maintain health.

So, when buying a computer for children, parents should clearly understand that they are fully responsible for its benefits, or, conversely, harm. Remember that the main example for your children is you. Therefore, first, analyze whether you are setting a bad example for your kids by spending all your free time at a computer or with a smartphone in your hands. Good luck!

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